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America Part 2

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12th August – Day 69

Salt Lake City to Bonnivelle – 123 miles / 198 km

First stop was the BMW dealer in town. I was down to 2 of 7 lights up front. Turns out there was a short in a connection for the park lights which effected the rest. The guys haven’t seen it before, just one of those freaky things. A quick fix, and back on the road. We both went for new Michelin Annakee back tyres.

The racing doesn’t start until tomorrow, so we had lunch in the village where winter Olympics were held before heading to the salt. Sweet!

Rolled onto the salt flats and found a place to camp away from everyone else.

13th August – Day 70

Race day, Bonneville Speed Week

Awesome. Unbelievable. Blow your mind. I know it seems extreme, but even these words don’t do Bonneville speed week justice.

The track opened at mid-day, and we were there to see the first cars test man and machine against the clock. The first thing you notice is how simple everything is. By that I mean there is no real road across the salt, just a few cones that give you a rough idea where to go. There is kind of a parking lot, but no one really cares where you drive or how you park. Then the waiting lanes for the cars to start the runs are completely open to the public. Footwear and safety clothing…. Who cares! If you get run over, or sun burnt that’s your own stupid fault! The drivers and pit crews are ridiculously friendly and can’t wait to tell you about their machines, how they built them and how fast they hope to go.

When it’s time for them to take off, the crowd is asked to step back about 5m. Again, there are no barriers, no massive dudes with torn sleeves doing security. Just one or two volunteer officials and all they have to say is “hey mate, can you guys just move back a meter or two.” And everybody does. Simply awesome.

I managed to chat to some of the guys from Got Salt racing before their run. It’s a 300mph plus car. Serious business. Yet you wouldn’t know it from the relaxed manner of the crew. Before I knew it we were invited into their pit, being offered footage from last year and generally tucked under the wing of this great racing team.

Again the pits were amazing. We rode thru all the teams looking for Got Salt, then pulled up right next to the car. The pit crew looked after us, and even let us strap our Go-Pros on their precious 300mph (480 km/hr) machine. How crazy is that!!

Feeling as though we are really part of Speed Week and not just spectators, we leave the salt full of anticipation and excitement for tomorrow.

14th August – Day 71

Bonneville to Salt Lake City – 130 miles / 209 km

It’s a great morning. The moon is still in the sky to the west, and the sun is rising in the east. It’s a fabulous day to be on the salt!

Riding up to the track we see Got Salt being pushed to the start line. The guys are feeling excited. The car is perfect, the salt is perfect. The weather is perfect. Today is the day. Today they will try for the world land speed record in their class. 316 mph or 508 km/hr. Bugger me, that’s fast! The GSA will never go that quick, even when she’s unloaded!

There was quite the crowd today, making it hard to film so I pulled the good old “we are filming a documentary, and they have our cameras on board the car. Is it OK to stay out here to film?”

“yeah, sure. Just this one time.”

“Thanks mate!”

The noise is incredible, to the point where my ears hurt. Then they’re gone. It must be quite the feeling to pass 300mph.

They didn’t. After 1 mile a sensor problem meant Frank had to stop the car. I was guttered! I really felt part of team, even though we were only looking over their shoulder.

Wanted to talk to Frank, but he was hard to find. Was going to ask what it’s like to drive 300mph, and is it better than sex? How do you become a 300mph driver? And why did you trade in normal racing for chasing speed in a straight line? Could you just not turn left too well?

We didn’t ask. Thought after a break down he might not see the funny side.

Stubbsie was desperate to meet a Rat Car owner and get an insight into this fascinating form of salt flat racing. Luck can run rich at times, and boy, are we on a winning streak! On the way out of Bonneville Wade was attracted like bees to a sun flower when he saw a rat car parked in the camp ground …….…. hang on, wait a minute. There’s something wrong. Bee’s to a flower?? Common, that’s pretty girlie and to be honest just ridiculous! It’s Wade. More as though he was attracted like dust to a freshly oiled air filter! Mmmmm, that’s better suited to a mechanical engineer! Now we have that sorted I feel we can move on.

“G’day mate, I’m Wade” was enough to lead into a few beers, a ride in one of their fully restored vintage auto’s and a lecture on Rat Cars, which are basically a cheap form of racing. They are a 1960’s style Hot Rod which can’t be painted, shouldn’t be panel beaten, and has to be fast! The Rat Rod came about due to the huge expense of Hot Rods and the destructive nature of the salt. Instead of ruining their beautiful cars, they built Rat Rods out of the spares, keeping the cost of racing down and have a bloody good time doing it!

Billy Devey and his father were very passionate, and aside from building Rat Mobil’s they fully restore vintage cars themselves to the point where they made an entire tray for a ute and even fabricate the front grills because nobody else could do either well enough. Was pretty funny cause they were showing us photos in hot rod magazines of the cars sporting the grills they had built and said “you know Eric Clapton, well, I built his grill.”

“Built his grill? I captained his yacht!”

It was a bloody interesting hour, but sadly it’s time to leave the flats and head back to Gary and Anne’s in Salt Lake City.

15th August – Day 72

Salt Lake City to Yosemite National Park – 642 miles / 1033 km

A bloody long day in the saddle. The ass made it thru in remarkable condition. Pretty happy with that!

16th August – Day 73

Yosemite to Sequoia National Park – 240 miles / 386 km

You know how sometimes when you are in that really deep sleep you incorporate what’s actually going on around you into a strange dream. Well that happened to me last night. I dreamt there was this crazy woman yelling at me, her crazy car idling away near my head with crazy head lights blazing. That was all a bit weird, but I could handle it. Then Wade entered. Right, that’s it! I’m definitely not going to start dreaming about Wade. Something’s going on!

Turns out this woman has rocked up at 01:30 and is trying to wake us because she reckons we are in her camp site and we have to go. I don’t want to be awake at 0130, and I certainly don’t want to be told where to go! After 1500 if you haven’t signed in, you lose your camp. Its that simple. She kept on at us, pretty rudely. Wade was about to give her what for, but we managed to talk some sense and we all camped the night, happily. Oh goody, I love a happy ending!

The road into Sequoia was awesome. Windy, steep with a great view. And the trees are very impressive. General Sherman, the world’s largest tree is worth a look. 87m high, 33 m circumference at the base, he’s a bloody beauty!

Wade pulled up next to one tree that had fallen down. Honestly, he looked like he was 5 yrs old on a Pee Wee 50 with a lunch box and pencil case strapped to his bike for luggage. That’s how big the tree is.

Camped in a sweet little place by the river, and headed to dinner. Wow, what an ordeal that was! After we each bought a round of beers at the bar cause we couldn’t wait any longer for the waitress Wade had to go ask for a menu. Then 20 minutes after we order she tells us they are out of the New York Steak. The meal finally arrives and it s way over cooked. We ask for the bill, and not only have they charged us for the beers we’ve already bought from the bar, they charge us for more beers than we had. This girl certainly aint gonna get a job on a yacht!

17th August – Day 74

Sequoia to Las Vegas thru Death Valley – 460 miles / 740

Hot. My goodness it’s hot!! I reckon I could roast a marshmallow in the exhaust flames of my brothers jet as he lights her up ready for take-off and be cooler than I am riding across Death Valley. Plus, as a nice added bonus I’d even have a tasty treat to eat.

Everyone we spoke to about riding Death Valley in August had this horrified look on their face and all said pretty much the same thing “You guys are bloody IDIOTS!!!”

And as I rode across the desert in 49 degree heat I thought “Yep, we’re bloody idiots!”

Then I looked at my black helmet, black jacket, black riding pants, black boots and black gloves. Hmmmmmm, I really am a bloody Idiot!

The Valley was great. If it wasn’t so hot we’d have loved to stay and ride some of the dirt trails. We tried, but after I bogged Aialik in a dry creek bed (well, it was dry until our sweat had the damn thing flowing again!) we decided it would be better to stick to the main roads and save the hard core dirt for further south.

Arrived in Vegas, but the last few days have been pretty huge and we both crashed out by 11pm. How crap are we!

18th August – Day 75

Las Vegas

This is only the 3rd day in 11 weeks we haven’t touched the bikes.

Spent most of the day writing, editing photos and up-loading onto the internet, then an hour by the pool. Argh, finally a moment of rest and relaxation! Yippiiiiiiieeeee!

Watched Elvis the musical, which was bloody good! I thought there was going to be some clown trying to impersonate The King, but they didn’t do that at all. Lots of dancing, acrobats etc. Lovely!

Had a few beers and enjoyed some of the Vegas night life. A good day all round!



19th August – Day 76

Las Vegas

Its time for some fun! And believe it or not it doesn’t involve bikes or hikes! We are signed up for a NASCAR ‘ride-a-long’ with Richard Petty. To be honest, it hasn’t been all that long since I stumbled home from the night club, and by crickies it’s hot. Damn hot and damn bright. Bugger the car, I feel as though I need my own pit crew to get me thru. Something along these lines….

“We need a Coke here stat! And you! Yeah you! Better get some ice water pronto, this guys about to overheat any second. FAN! Where’s the bloody fan! If we don’t get this temperature down he’s gonna blow! Come on guys, someone has to get those sunnies sitting properly. There’s sunlight leaking in everywhere! If we’re going to get this wreck out onto the track we have to do better than this!!”

Or at least that’s what I pictured happening in my head. It didn’t. Wade was no bloody use either. He was having a great time after an early night last night. Funny how my misery can make him so bloody happy!

Kitted up, and we are ready! The good news is Wade’s ass looks fatter in his body suit than mine! I think it’s only cause I’m taller, but right now I’ll take what I can get!

The ride was a blast. Instant hang-over cure. Well, at least for the 5 minutes I was in the car anyway. We only ran up to 155 mph, or 250 km/hr and stayed away from the wall, but it was quite the thrill, and well worth it next time you’re in Vegas.

Back to the hotel and a mighty celebration cause we have finally caught up on the photo’s, blog etc. Whhhhoooooooo Hoooooooo!!!!!!!!!

I’m ashamed to say after dinner I died a slow painful death and went to bed. Wade flew the flag for the BergaliaBoys and hit the tables. A few hours of Texas Hold’em was enough to make it feel as though he could tick the Vegas box.

20th August – Day 77

Las Vegas to St George (near Zion N.P.) – 173 miles / 278 km

While Wade was trying to have his scruffy looking beard tidied up a wee bit yesterday, the barber told him Valley of Fire State Park was a must see. With a name like that how could you not have a sneak peak?

As we entered we wondered if the name came from the fiery red rocks, or the shimmering which made everything look as though it was on fire. Nope, non of those. Its so bloody hot it feels like you are actually on fire, and that is where the name originated! Dead set, fairdinkum. Even Ranger Jim will tell you that!

It’s fascinating to see red rocks jump out at you as you come round a bend. The formation changes instantly. Wind and water erosion has left some sweet arches and animal look-a-like creations. At least they were meant to look like animals. Wade could see the elephant in elephant rock, but I thought it was rubbish! Whatever these jokers were drinking when they named it wasn’t mid strength beer let me tell you.

Left Valley of Fire in a pile of dust and a pool of sweat and headed to St George where we are to stay with…….. now let me make sure I get this right. We are staying with the sister-in-law of the guy for whom Wade was best man at his wedding. There, it’s actually pretty simple after all!

21st August – Day 78

Day trip to Zion National Park

Zion is a must see. Angles Landing is an awesome hike. Some Reverend bloke in 1920’ish named it after Angles cause he thought the way up so steep and foreboding that only an Angle could and should earn the right to stand on top. Well, I think we proved that to be incorrect today! I mean strewth, if Stubbsie can wing his way up there without suffering a bolt of lightning to the back of the head then the Angles have lost control. It’s the equivalent of a 5 star restaurant in Sydney Harbour dropping its dress code from suit and tie to boardies, thongs and t-shirt optional! Really, it seems the place has fallen to the dogs so to speak.

Back to stay with Mo and her son Ruger (she said people call her Mo when they can’t pronounce her name correctly. If I have trouble saying it, I sure can’t spell it!!).

22nd August – Day 79

St George to Bryce Canyon – 140 miles / 225 km

Bloody lovely! No air bed to deflate and roll, no tent to pack. It gets better. Scrambled eggs on toast. Coffee. Orange juice. Yep, life just don’t get no better than this!! Thanks Mouria! See, I can spell it (good on ya facebook!).

Funny. This is how our dinner / computer blog up-date conversation goes.

“Hey buddy, tell me again. How long has it been since you wanted to come here and photograph Bryce?”

“Bloody ages! Since I started planning and saw the awesome photos in all the books……….. but this isn’t the shot I wanted. It must be somewhere else!”

Don’t worry mate. It’s a bloody lovely spot anyway.


Now don’t get too excited cause this doesn’t mean there is gonna be a tip every day from now on. Just today. Perhaps another day too. We’ll have to see.

Ready? Here it is. Get off the main trails, get away from the ‘lazy ass park on the side of the road and feel like you’ve experienced the park in all its glory’ pull overs. Get out of the car, go for a walk. It might only be an extra 2 or 3 miles, but you will feel like you’re the only people in the entire world. Its amazing.


Bike weigh in:

I know all our 4 or so adoring fans have been eagerly awaiting the results of the World Famous only known about in a small part of America BMW Weigh In. So, without further ado……

Smokey tips the scales at a massive 748 pounds!

Aialik , looking super thin with a great ass and very much the super model barely nudging the scales and hardly bothering the judges with a very impressive 746 pounds!

748 pounds = 339kg. However, this was only half a tank of fuel, so the official corrected total weight is:

780 pounds or 353kg.


I lied a little earlier. Actually, that’s not entirely true about the lie. I just have new information.


8.7 US gallons / 32.8L (Well, this isn’t totally right either as you will see in a bit).


Wades best effort – Re-fueled at 430 miles / 692 km and the computer said 30 miles left

Philip’s worst – Re-fueled at 306 miles / 492 km. The computer said “Fuel now, idiot!!”

Philip’s ‘this could be bad’ moment – 380 miles. Fueled 4.6 extremely nervous, butt clenching miles after the computer said I would come to an embarrassing holt on the side of the highway. And believe me, there aint gonna be any pushing to the nearest servo!


We have ridden a bloody long way! I thought I’d give you a rough idea:

Sydney to is Perth 3990km shortest distance by road (google maps driving directions)

Sydney to Sydney via Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne on the #1 Highway – 20, 000km give or take a bit

As of 24rd August we covered 17 200 miles / 27 680 km, which incidentally is 3200 miles, or 5, 149 km more than half the expected final total, and we are only 1/3 of the way time wise.


We have loved every second of what is the equivalent of riding from Sydney to Perth 6 times, and would now be about Kalgoolie, only a few hundred km’s from Perth for the 7th time.

We would have cruised the entire coast of Australia from Sydney to Sydney and would now be somewhere between Darwin and Perth on the second lap!

23rd August – Day 80

Bryce Canyon to Halls Crossing (Lake Powell) – 343 miles / 552 km

Here I am, sitting at the camp site trying to think of something special to write. Something cool. And I couldn’t. Then wham bam thank you mam! It reached out and bit me in the arm pit like that bloody annoying insect the other day. How could I forget? It’d be like the Pope forgetting it was Sunday, or my father forgetting he was retired and working in the vet clinic 3 days a week. Oh, wait. I’m pretty sure that actually happened. And I think my memory is bad!

4 – 2. That may not mean too much to a lot of you, but that’s a mighty important number! We did the usual Bergalia Boys thing an instead of taking the nice, easy gentle tar road, we trekked across the desert on a dirt track. It was great, and the best was yet to come!

As I rounded a bend my eyes send fabulous images to my brain, which it accepted with glee. There was Stubbsie, standing tall. Standing proud. I’m not too sure why cause Smokey was lying buried in sand next to him. It was pretty unlucky as the road had been great, then round a blind corner turned to soft sand. And that was that. 4 -2.

Camped at Lake Powell and actually went for a swim. That’s more like it! Back to camp to drink the last of the 3% alcohol beers they sell in Utah. Bit of a non-event really.

Oh yeah. I nearly forgot. The bloody snake! Let me say this first. I’m just not a fan of snakes, and this Rattler rattled me a fair bit! On my way to the dunny to brush my teeth (it was about 10pm and very dark mind you, except for a week light coming from the toilet block trying its best to penetrate the darkness, but failing) and I hear this weird noise, unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. Then I see it. I zigg, and fortunately the snake zaggs. We both landed, staring at each other. I look at the snake, eye to eye as I back away. I know it wants to do the same, but hey, it’s a snake. It can’t. So instead it does some weird sideways slither which enables it to move away while keeping beady eyes on me at all times.

“Stubbsie! Get the bloody camera! It’s a damn rattler!”

I keep my head torch on it from quite a distance.

“Get closer ya big girl, the light isn’t strong enough to film it properly!”

“Bugger you, bugger the light and bugger the stupid snake! I’m outta here. You can film it as close as you like. I’m zipping the tent up, cable tying it and going to bed. Good night!”

24th August – Day 81

Halls Crossing (Lake Powell) to Grand Canyon – 349 miles / 561 km

Flat tyre. Now, those words have been magic to my ears for the last month as it’s quite the decent drop of beer. Enough flavor to really wrap your tongue round. Actually, it’s Fat Tyre, but if you say it fast enough it sounds the same, as in deed it does if you drink enough of them! Today. Well, today is different. Three times we stopped to re-plug Stubbsies rear tyre. At least every time we pull over the scenery improves to the point where we can go swimming in Lake Powell while the 3rd plug dries. It didn’t help as 10 miles down the road Wade has sweat flowing down his face like a dam on his head just burst while he takes the tyre off to insert a tube. 45 mins from wheel off to wheel on. Not bad, but I reckon he’ll do better next time!

Caught a glimpse of the Grandest canyon of them all on the way in. Looking forward to tomorrow!

25th August – Day 82

Grand Canyon Village to Kingmen (on US Route 66 baby! Yeah!) – 333 miles / 535 km

The canyon was OK, but shrunk into just a crack in the mud at the bottom of a sun beaten, dried swamp compared to what was to come. I don’t know if these GPS’s are just so damn amazing, or if it’s Stubbsie that’s bloody good. Both perhaps. As a result of their combined genius instead of the normal tourist route from Grand Canyon Village to the Skywalk at the western end we find ourselves on an amazing dirt track thru some guys ranch. It really was cool. After ½ hr I couldn’t stand it anymore. Brakes are slammed on and I come to a skidding stop in a mass of dust. Yeah baby! I love it!!!!

“Stubbsie, we have to film this!!”

“Bloody oath, it’s brilliant hey!”

And so it is that as Wade has that now all too familiar thought process, thank the motorcycling God’s his helmet camera is rolling…..

“Oh, what a lovely day, what an amazing road, what sensational scenery,….. what the #@#$@$% is all that dust!!! Arrgghhhhhhh!!!!!!!! I can’t see a bloody thing! Hang on Smokey old girl, this ain’t gonna end well!”

It doesn’t. As he’s lying there with his leg pinned under the footpeg there’s two thoughts repeating “Strewth, this hurts! And dammit, that’s 5 – 2! 5 -2 5-2”

As I rock up its pretty hard to tell whats what. All I see is a mass pile of dirt. Its only when he laughs (bit delirious) that I see his white teeth. “Oh, there you are buddy. Mate, I know its awesome footage, but honestly, sometimes you have to look after yourself first! But good on ya. I bet it looks good!”

Result. A strained knee and horribly strained ankle. 6 weeks before he is likely to be able to walk properly. Argh Crap!

Skywalk grand canyon – bit of a wank really. Can I say that? Of course I can, its my blog! Perhaps a bit strong, but that’s how I feel. I leave Wade to limp his way to the Docs and ride forth to film, photograph and absorb the Skywalk experience. It’s a mighty impressive part of the canyon, but for the full experience it’s over 90 bucks, which is steeper than the side of the canyon, and that’s a 1500m straight drop! Advice for the day. Forget the stupid skywalk, which is a semi-circle construction that hang’s about 10m or less over the canyon. Pay an extra $50 and seat your butt on a helicopter.

26th August – Day 84

Kingmen to Tombstone – 295 miles / 473 km

Tombstone is cool. Which is quite an achievement cause its HOT! If the temperature drops below 40 degrees Celsius it feels like stepping into a fridge. Its pretty amazing to walk thru the exact same saloon doors as such legends as Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday. Obviously they wouldn’t have looked quite as tough as me. I mean, whats a big moustache, cigar, a shot gun and a few pistols compared to bike boots that leak, tight black riding shirt, scruffy helmet hair and suspenders?

We are pretty excited. Friday night in one of the toughest western towns in history. Bring it on! Well, Barbie and Ken would have been tougher than this crowd. And it was about as dead as old Wyatt himself. Needless to say, a pretty early night.

Saturday 27th August – Day 85

Tombstone to Phoenix via Tucson – 195 miles / 313 km

Shooting 6 shooters! Yeah baby, cowboy it up! They don’t have any kick, the bullets are fake and the targets paper, but hey, I still feel tough! I offer to shoot Wade (the bullets were filled with paint), thought it would make good footage but he wasn’t into it. I know, weird hey!

After another ‘gunfight’ which I hope to be my last we saddle up, whip the beasts and ride off into the million degree heat. Mmmmm, I love it when its so hot I have to use lip balm on my eye balls!

The flight museum in Tucson is the largest private one in the States. Seems all the guides have flown at least one of the birds in the place and can’t wait to tell you about it. At one stage I thought the camera battery was going to die and the memory storage shrink to such a critical level it’s actually well below mine and we wouldn’t be able to film any more. That’s how much these old blokes shared their experiences. It made the day.

Finish the day in a hotel in Phoenix. First of 5 nights. Wow, its gonna seem like we are locals!

Sunday 28th August – Day 86

Phoenix – Didn’t touch the bikes.

My first rest day! I managed to wake up in time to have lunch and watch Casey Stoner win the grand prix, then Mark Webber finish second in Formula 1. A quick afternoon nap that raged somewhat out of control before watching a movie in bed. Well, its been a big day. Nighty night Wade. Ah yeah, this is what a holiday is meant to be like!

Wade of course did the clothes washing, tidied up and downloaded footage.



Monday 29th August – Day 87

Phoenix – Make-A-Wish International

Another 500 business cards ordered. That’s only 1500 since we’ve started. To say we meet a few people on the odd occasion is somewhat the understatement.

Crossing the Arctic Circle was special for us, and I can’t wait until we celebrate with a bottle of champagne when we cross the Antarctic Circle. It’s the Circle To Circle part of the logo on the shirts and the geographical goal for the ride. Miles for Wishes is also on the shirts, and raising money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation has become a major component of the ride.

The headquarters of the International Make-A-Wish Foundation is in Phoenix, and this week we met with many of the people who work there, including Kelly, a Wish Kid herself. She has come the full circle and is now involved with making other children’s wishes come true. It was quite moving to hear her story, and how much Make-A-Wish helped her recovery during a really tough time. They are amazingly dedicated and passionate about their work, and each with their own special story of a wish they have been involved with and the tremendously positive impact this has on the entire family. It was great to see how the money we raise will be used and to know it really makes a huge difference to the families it goes to help.

This is a charity we have believed in for sometime, so it was important to meet the people behind the wishes. The main aspect for me was how important the wish becomes to the entire family, and in some cases the excitement and enjoyment spills over to neighbours, the street and even the entire village in some countries. The benefits of having a wish granted are so positive, so strong it cannot be measured in monetary terms.

Thanks to everyone at Make-A-Wish. You made a huge impact on us and we left feeling all the effort we have put into raising money is worth it a million times over!

Tonight is one of the Great American Experiences. Baseball! Accompanied by the essentials: beer, the most outrageous hotdogs I could buy and of course peanuts. The game was OK. Pretty boring actually! There are so many statistics on every aspect of the game which are then displayed on boards all around the ground. This tells me one thing. The game just interesting enough to sit and watch by itself.

Tuesday 30th August to Sunday 4th September – Phoenix

We left our babies at Victory BMW Motorcycles in Chandler, Phoenix for their 30 000 km service. Also fitting new Ohlins shocks. Very excited to try these out as they have a great reputation. All people can say is “I wish I had installed them sooner. They are that good!” Fingers crossed!

Smokey had some clutch and break issues, which meant we stayed in Phoenix a few days longer than anticipated. Both BMW America and Victory BMW were amazing. We have seriously tested these machines, and even though Smokey could have pressed on, BMW decided the hard terrain ahead, and the remoteness were enough to replace everything under warranty now rather than have any risk of us breaking down later. On an adventure like ours, after sales support means everything, and BMW America, MAX BMW and now Victory BMW have been brilliant.

The guys worked tirelessly to get us up and running as soon as possible, even to the point where they stole parts off their showroom bikes if they couldn’t have everything they needed shipped overnight.

To Charlie, Jesse, Russ and the rest of the guys and girls at Victory BMW, thanks so much! We really appreciate the effort you all went to and it would be great to keep in touch.

American Football. I’ve wanted to watch a game for years, and tonight is the night! Phoenix Cardinals play the Denver Broncos in what iss actually an exciting game. I thought I’d be bored somewhere close to death, and only the beer and pizza could save me now. Not the case. The cheer leaders were hot and entertaining, the massive crowd was hyped up creating a buzz in the stadium not unlike a few million bees, and the game itself was great to watch. The players are bloody huge, and with tackling allowed in the air there are some unbelievable bone crunching hits. A great night, and definitely something that anyone should do. And not just if you get the chance. Make the chance. You won’t regret it.

Monday 5th September – Day 94

Phoenix to El Centro - 244 miles / 392 km

Whooo Hoooooooo! Finally we are riding again! Pretty short hop today as we want to stay close to the Mexican border so we are there at the crossing first thing. This means we can get on and do a few hundred miles without stopping. Everyone we talk to has the same advice, “Get over the border and don’t stop for anything or anyone.” So we won’t.

This is pretty bloody exciting to be honest. So far it’s been the destination, not the getting there that has been the focus. Obviously we always tried to take the road less traveled, but it hasn’t been dangerous, or too rugged. We never found ourselves in a situation where we just had to keep going no matter what because there is no other way.

From here on most of the adventure will be the roads, the riding and the challenge of getting there and not so much the destination. However, having said that I have been dreaming of a corona, I mean several Corona’s on the beach, a plate of oysters and a bowl of shrimp big enough to beat up a decent lobster thrown in for good measure. Oh yeah baby!!! Bring it on!

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