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Health Insurance

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Personal Health Insurance

Definitely one decision not to be sneezed at, health insurance can be broken down into to several major components that have to be considered before spending you money.

All the below insurance companies cover Australians and motorbike riders world wide as long as you have a valid riders license.

Company Web Extreme Sports Personal Liability Medical Costs Medi-Vac Cost 9 Months P/P
World Nomad http://www.worldnomads.com Yes US $2,500,000 US $5,000,000 US $500,000 US $500
World Wide Ins http://www.worldwideinsure.com Yes US $3,000,000 US $10,000,000 US $350
CHI Travel Ins http://www.chitravelinsurance.com.au Yes US $5,000,000 Unlimited Unlimited US $750
Aussie Travel Cover http://www.aussietravelcover.com.au Yes US $5,000,000 Unlimited Unlimited US $800
Sure Save Travel Ins http://www.suresave.net.au Yes US $5,000,000 Unlimited Unlimited US $900
QBE http://www.qbetravelinsurance.com.au Yes US $3,000,000 Unlimited Unlimited US $1500
Motor Cycle Express http://www.motorcycleexpress.com Yes US $3,000,000 US $2,000,000 US $600,000 US $850

I am sure there are some others but these are just a sample.

There are also some good web compare sites such as:

Last Updated on Tuesday, 15 June 2010 05:37