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Riding Gear

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Riding Gear

Riding apparel is another expensive part of motorbike riding and should be treated as serious as your motorbike choice. It could be the difference between you riding for an hour or riding for 10 hours, it could also be the difference between you hoping back on after a crash or ending up in hospital.

Price is also another major factor. If you buy the best of the best you will defiantly have gear that is comfortable and last a long time, but is it worth the fact that the extra money spent could have been used on an occasional hotel room rather than sleeping on the side of the road!

Apparel BMW Sierra $ Klim USA $ British MC Gear $
Helmet Shoei Hornet DS 434.00 Arai XD3 530.00
Jacket Rally 3 799.00 Adventure Rally 1300.00 Adventure Jacket 279.00
Pants Rally 3 549.00 Adventure Rally 850.00 Adventure 199.00
Boots Rally GS2 379.00
Gloves (Summer) Rally 2 89.00 Mojave 30.00 Rapido 79.00
Gloves (Winter) Pro Winter 2 145.00 Power Xross 80.00 Thermosport 79.00
Goggles Enduro 125.00
Heated Vest Gerbings 140.00
Thermals BMW 125.00 Agressor 70.00 Factor 2 160.00
Riding Shirt BMW 80.00 Summer Tech 46.00
Neck Warmer BMW 35.00
Buff BMW 25.00
Wet Overalls BMW 129.00
Balaclava BMW 35.00 Factor 2 26.00

Of course you can shop for the discounts and a great way to save is to get the last years stocks, normally available at all bike shops.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 12 May 2010 00:48