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Border Crossings

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Border Crossing Advice For Ozzies

Nearly all border crossings are going to require the same documentation. So its good advice to have enough copies of everything to hand out. They will require the original plus 2 copies of the following documents:

  • Passport/birth certificate
  • Driver license / international drivers license
  • Immigration form
  • Bike registration certificate (in riders name)
  • Ownership papers (in riders name)
  • Insurance papers
  • Certificate of Good Conduct and Criminal Record

After receiving your documents go over your visa to ensure that all wording, numbers and letters are correct. If they are not get it redone as if you do not it could cause issues latter.

Be prepared to spend an entire day at the border as things do not always move quickly and sometimes you need to pay cash and not expect a receipt to make things happen quicker.  Try not to cause a fuss but do not be pushed around.

Carry plenty of cash in $US and the local currency, but not enough to make you uncomfortable. $US5 are apparently very handy.

Arrive early at the border, even before it opens. This will give you maximum time before lunch break to get out of there.

B1/B2 visa required

No visa required
Sometimes request the Certificate of Good Conduct.

B1/B2 visa required

No visa required
Once at the border take your bike directly to the customs office. Present your documents to the “Vehicular Control Module”.
They will perform the paperwork and issue a permit to your bike. This is a sticker, which must not be lost, and needs to be handed in when departing the country.

They will also deduct $US20.00 from your credit card which must also be in the riders name.

No visa required.
If possible find a Tramitador to help you with the process. This is a local person who for a small fee (Around $US20) will organise everything for your bike and you. It’s a small price to pay for less headaches. Pass to him all your documents and grab yourself a coffee.

No visa required
From reports this crossing can be tricky. They will probably require you to purchase insurance for the bike.

Need a visa
Embassy (Washington DC) 202-966-7702

No visa required

Costa Rica:
No visa required

Visa required

No visa required

No visa required

No visa required

Visa required

No visa required

No visa required

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