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How It All Began

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How it All Began

From when we could tie our own laces, we had a dream of doing a trip of some sort together.  Originally it was to ride the length of New South Wales, but over time we realised that the world was getting smaller, so the thought of circumnavigating the coast of Australia was tossed around.
Now that we’ve gained some world-wide experiences and are little older… or should I say a lot older, a whole new load of ideas have come to light.
We discussed the American dream of a road trip across the U.S. and that we would like to go to Alaska and South America. That’s about when it occurred to us to just do the lot!
Both Philip and I have been working  since we left school so it was about time we took a well earned break.  So we gave ourselves a 2-year plan, which would allow us time to organise the ride and prepare financially for such an expedition.
The trip had to be given a name, and it just came to us one day during the early days of planning that we were in fact riding from the Arctic Circle to the Antarctic Circle.
The expedition was labelled the catchy and fitting  title of, “Circle to Circle”.
The next part that soon became apparent was that we would be spending a lot of money on this life experience, and that it was sort of a waste if we were the only ones to gain from it.
So the decision was made to do it for a charity and try and raise some money and hope for somebody else. We both have had extremely lucky lives, and it would be a great feeling to give somebody something, even if its only a little.
A major charity that we all supported when we were growing up was the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Being that we were covering miles, the logo “Miles-For-Wishes” was created.
This entire experience has taken a bit of a turn from our original plans some 20 years ago, but at the end of the day it will still be two mates just going for a ride.

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