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Bergalia Boys

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The Bergalia Boys

The Stubbs and Atkinson families have been friends since 1980 when they purchased property beside each other in the small country area of Bergalia.
Philip, James (Philip’s brother) & Wade, all being the same age soon became good friends and it was hard to find one without the other.
The Bergalia Boys were formed. Their motto was “Live and Learn,” the primary school mantra. It has since been adjusted to “Live’n’Ride”!
On weekends and after school, they would fish, surf, play cricket, and defend the earth against Planet V aliens.
All three boys attended Moruya Primary School and Moruya High School together.
About the age of 10, the motorbike addiction began to grow.
The Bergalia Boys and numerous other boys from nearby farms had the local national park as the world’s largest backyard. Often going camping over night and traveling large distances on their motorbikes, leaving their parents to grow grey hair when they did not turn up till well after dark.
The parents often bring up in conversation about one time when the boys did not show up. It was well after dark and they had decided to send out the search party. This was performed in a tractor! We still don’t know who had the biggest shock, the parents finding the boys or the boys with there “candle of a head light”, coming around a corner to be faced head on with a tractor and two cranky fathers!!
The boys knew that bush like the back of their hands. It was impressive to think that at the age of 12 and 13, with motorbikes they could barely touch the ground on, could go off into the bush land for a couple of days with just a hand map, fuel, and camping gear. Yet, somehow they always made it home with out breaking bones.
Wade still calls it “the best time of his life”.
Both families have stories that could keep you laughing for days about their childhood together. From mishaps to mayhem, they were ordinary kids just in a not so ordinary location.
The boys have always kept their friendship, catching up when ever they could.
In recent years with both Philip and Wade overseas, catching up has been harder. However, with the modern conveniences of the Internet, the Bergalia Boys have managed to stay strong.
Now, Circle to Circle will get the boys together again for a life changing experience.
From the most northern tip of Alaska to the most southern tip of Argentina and covering over 28,000 miles, this is one memory they will never forget.


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