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Anchorage, Alaska to Prince Rupert, Canada

3690 Miles

This, by far, is going to be one of the toughest legs of the journey. The roads are tough and then there are the weather conditions. There will be no guarantee that we can even attempt the road from Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay. With an expected departure from Anchorage at the start of July, it will all be down to the severity of the previous winter as to how far north we can actually reach.
As  previously mentioned, we are hoping to get a departure from Anchorage at the start of July. This date has been set as we have a due date into Sturgis at the start of August for Bike Week. That will give us a month of good solid riding through some spectacular scenery.
Heading out of Anchorage, we hook around Cook Inlet and down into Point Mackenzie. Following trails north, we have a quick stop off in Denali National Park before continuing onto Fairbanks.
From Fairbanks we head west to Marley Hot Springs and then north to Livengood.
We make our first crossing of the Yukon River as we head north along Dalton Hwy.
Between here and Pudhoe Bay we will cross the Arctic Circle, take a few off-road detours and just deal with the treacherous conditions.
Just before reaching Pudhoe Bay, we head west and up to Mine Point on the Beaufort Sea coast. This will be our most northern point of 70?44’26”N 152? 43’ 9”W.
After provisioning up in Prudhoe Bay, we will follow to the best of our ability the Trans-Alaska Pipeline which will take us back past Fairbanks and south to Valdez. Near Valdez,  is the spectacular cascades of Horsetail Falls in Keystone Canyon and the Worthington Glacier.
Continuing back along the Richardson Hwy, we take a quick trip down 850 to Mc Carthy and the old deserted mining town of Kennicott.
Heading back north we swing east through Tok , Chicken, and cross the border of Canada into Dawson.
The Klondike Hwy takes us down to Whitehorse situated on the Yukon river and onto Skagway.
Here, we make a decision to either take a ferry, whale, and glacier watching through the fjords to Ketchikan and Prince Rupert, or to head back north along Hwy 1 and take the Cassiar Hwy to Prince Rupert.
I’m sure either option will be mind blowing.

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